The Key to Victory
Season 5, Episode 6
Date November 18, 2013
Challenge(s) Find keys in the water.
Reward(s) Immunity
Winner(s) Heroic Hamsters
Eliminated Heather
Exile Dakota and Mike
Episode Guide
"Leech battle"
"Total Drama Pukefest"

  The Key To Victory is the sixth episode of Total Drama: All Stars. It aired on November 18th, 2013.


In this episode, The Heroes are sad about being in loserville. Bridgette states that they have to win the next challenge. Dakota agreed and added "Or else I'd be next." In the Villains cabin, Heather greets her new old teammates. Brick is the only one to happily reply, "Hey, Heather!" Dakota sees Brick and apologizes and immediately sees Heather, and they start bonding.

The challenge was then introduced as everyone started searching. Dakota found a key and gave it to Bridgette. Brick and Dawn were racing back to shore. For the second part of the challenge, Dawn and Brick sat out. They started looking for keys and Scott and Heather were the first ones to do so. In the third part of the challenge, they had to go down a slide and look for keys. The first ones to make it to shore were Dakota and Mike. In the fourth and final part of the challenge, you had to guess a number. Dawn was the winner and her prize was to pick who went to Boney Island. Dawn picked Mike and gave her prize to Dakota.

At the elimination ceremony, it was Brick, Lightning, and Heather that recieved votes. Brick only had one. The final marshmallow of the night went to Lightning, which saddened Dakota, Lindsay, and Brick. 

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