The Leaning Tower of Pizza
Season 3, World Tour, Episode 14
Pizza Tower
Date 6th October 2013
Winner(s) Tyler
Eliminated Noah
Episode Guide
"Total Eva Action!"
"Stranded Castle Builders"
This is the thirteen episode of Total Drama World tour which aired on the 6th of October 2013.

Plot Summary

The contestants are dropped in Italy where they are welcomed to a pizza buffet. At first they are hesitant but soon everybody eats it, everybody except Heather that is. Chris then reveals that they would be spinning on one giant pizza and can get eliminated if they fall off or vomit. Noah and Alejandro drop fast while Leshawna clings on for dear life. Heather and Harold accidentally share a kiss due to the crazy movement of the structure and Harold drops soon after. Heather and Leshawna go shortly after as Tyler is given immunity. It is a hard decision but Noah is soon voted out for being under the radar.

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