The World Tour Beings Part II
Season 3, World Tour, Episode 2
The World Tour begins II
Date 28th September 2013
Winner(s) Team Anti Social Women Haters
Eliminated Bridgette
Episode Guide
"The World Tour Begins! Part 1"
"California, Gurlz!"

This is the Second episode of Total Drama World tour that aired on the 28th of September 2013, This is also part two of the Last episode.


The three teams were fighting to win the challenge. Team Unbeatable Warriors had Bridgette and Heather fighting all though-out the challenge. Izzy was not taking the challenge seriously and Geoff was getting mad that the team won't take the challenge seriously.Team Perfection seemed to be on track and about to win until Team Anti Social Women Haters surprised everyone by winning. Team Unbeatable Warriors had to vote someone out and Noah decided to side with the majority to take Bridgette out of the Game for good.

Bridgette Vote

Noah sides with Heather and votes off Bridgette

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