To Kill a Contestant
Season 5, Episode 3
Chef Alien
Date November 11, 2013
Challenge(s) Try not to get caught by Chef.
Reward(s) Immunity
Winner(s) Villainous Vultures
Eliminated Leshawna
Exile Scott
Episode Guide
"An Apple a Day Keeps the Ceremony Away"
"Big Ballin"

To Kill a Contestant is the third episode of Total Drama All-Stars. It Aired on the November 11, 2013.


This episode starts with the campers soliciting With Dawn welcoming Heather to the team and Mal acting like Mike. Leshawna is searching for the idol on Boney island.Meanwhile in the Spa hotel Courtney is shown having a crush on Alejandro,Brick is eating bacon and is shown to have a great like of bacon. Leshawna returns to the Island and Chris explains today challenge which is Chef will hunt them down in the forest and they can go in groups. For the Villains one group was Scott,Courtney another group was Alejandro,Scott,Brick and Anne Maria and Lighting alone. Brick,Alejandro,Noah meet up with Scott,Courtney but Brick later got out and turned crazy.While on the heroes Dawn and Heather teamed up,Bridgette,Cameron,Leshawna and Dakota teamed up and Mal and Lindsay teamed up.Heather and Dawn bonded and Mal was tricking Lindsay. Eventually Scott won the challenge for his team and Scott went to exile Again. Leshawna left the game. 
Leshawna Flush

Leshawna in the Flush of Shame


  • This tittle is a reference to the movie, To Kill a Mockingbird.
  • Alexhouse came up with this episode
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