Total Eva Action !
Season 3, World Tour, Episode 13
Eva Return
Date 5th October 2013
Winner(s) Leshawna
Eliminated Courtney and Eva
Episode Guide
"The TDWT Aftermath II: When crazy turns to crazy-ier..."
"The Leaning Tower of Pizza"

This is the Thirteen episode of Total Drama World tour that aired on the 5th of October 2013, it is also the first Merge episode of World Tour and the only Double Elimination of the season.

Plot SummaryEdit

The episode begins with the contestants all in the plane.Tyler and Perfection are in coach as The Unbeatable Warriors enjoy first class. Chris ruins the happines though as he announces that Eva is debuting as an contestant. Everyone is surprised as Eva begins on a rampage starting off first with Alejandro, who voted her off 2 seasons ago. The contestants rush to the first class door begging to be let in but the warriors hesitate, remembering that they attempted to take out their team earlier. They give in though and make the save. Chris then to everyone's shock, reveals it is the merge. They travel to the set of Total Drama Action. Their challenge is to build their own movie sets. It is an eventful challenge as sets get ruined, Eva snaps and Heather plants a kiss on Harold's cheek. Leshawna emerges victorious thanks to her amazing script and set. Eva is nervous due to her behavior through out the challenge as she scrambles for some security. Eva Leshawna Alejandro and Noah vote Courtney, while Courtney, Harold, Heather and Tyler vote Eva. The votes are tied and Chris sends both Eva and Courtney out of the game.

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