Trey labeled The Brat is a character debuting in Total Drama: Red Carpet

Crazed Directors
Gender Male
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Green
Eliminated TDRC: TBA
Relationship Ally (mutual attraction)
Friends Ally
Enemies EggBert, Chris McLean
Played By Moey5

Bio Edit

Trey grew up in a small home with only his dad and has learned how to get what he wanted whenever he wants. With the lack of friends and rudeness, Trey offen gets lonely. To win the respect from people he decides to sign up fro Total Drama: Red Carpet.

Personality Edit

Trey is a sassy, uncontrollable, sneaky teenage boy secretly seeking friends but always thinks about himself first.

Audition Edit

Hello? Hi Im Trey I would Love to be In Total Drama Red Carpet because honestly why shouldn't I? I'm a a mean competitive player I would cause drama when needed which makes the show more intresting, right Chris * wink wink *

Total Drama: Red Carpet Edit

Lights! Camera! Drama!

Trey was pretty mad to be on this show because he really didn't like the contestants. Chris had to pick to go through a cave or climb a wall. Trey really didn't care. On his way he couldn't find a buddy until Ally wanted to be with him. They are now friends. In the end Hayley lost the challenge. Then Chris picked teams. Luckily Hayley wasn't on his team so his team won and celebrated. The other team lost and Hayley was the one out.

The House of Chef

Trey's team won. The other team lost. Nichole was the 2nd person eliminated.

The Beanstalk is Slippery

Trey really didn't do much in this challenge. His team won and the other team lost again. Coco was eliminated.

Total Drama: Red Carpet

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