Villainous Vultures
Number of members 8
Highest ranking member Courtney 1st place
Lowest ranking member Anne Maria 14th place
Advanced to Underdogs 0
Advanced to Redemption 1
Advanced to Superstars 3
Team selected by Chris


Contestant Gender Rank Team rank
Anne Maria Female 14th 8th
Heather Female 13th 7th
Noah Male 11th 6th
Lightning Male 10th 5th
Alejandro Male 7th/8th 3rd/4th
Scott Male 7th/8th 3rd /4th
Brick Male 6th 2nd
Courtney Female 1st 1st


  • Every member of this team with the exception of Lightning has all made it to the four at some point.
  • In addition, Anne Maria, Brick, Courtney, Heather, and Alejandro have all been finalists before.