Waneyihtam Maskwak
Confused Bears
Number of members 8
Highest ranking member Shawn 2nd Place
Lowest ranking member Topher 12th Place
Advanced to Underdogs 2
Advanced to Redemption 5
Advanced to Superstars 5
Team selected by Chris


Contestant Rankings Reason
Topher 12th Screamed at Scarlett and was a drama queen. His only friends where on the other team while all his team hated him.
Sky 10th Her reationship with Dave was seen as a threat in Max's eyes. He convinced his alliance to vote him out.
Dave 9th His horrible vally girl singing cost his team the challenge. 
Beardo 8th He wouldn't let Ella live in his beard. The female alliance didn't like him being so mean to her.
Max 5th Sugar,Samey,and Scarlett thought he missed Amy to much and voted him off so they can be together.
Scarlett 4th Voted by Samey.
Shawn 1st/2nd lost to Samey in the finale.

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