This is the 2nd episode of Total Drama Redemption and the start of an arc of episodes between the warring alliances.

Waterfalls and Strategic Brawls
Season 8, Episode 2
Gwen Rankings
Date 3rd April 2014
Winner(s) Team Friendship
Eliminated Scarlett ( To Redemption Island)
Episode Guide
"The 2nd Chance of A Lifetime"
"Blind Trust is Key"

Plot SummaryEdit

The episode starts off with the contestants waking up in their shelters, Max brings Zeke, Sugar and Beardo to his lair, Duncan and Shawn rally allies and Gwen attempts to keep her footing in the game. Gwen gets Dave by himself and asks him if he wants to the join the allainice but right after Duncan ends up making an all men alliance with Shawn, Dave, and Lightning. Meanwhile Samey and Beth fight off Izzy who is trying to steal the rice. Gwen quickly goes to help and Samey and Beth accept her alliance offer. Gwen is on a role as she used Samey falling into the water as an excuse to make yet another offers. Deals are all over the place through out the episode but before they can get really into it they have a challenge where they must pass water from platform to platform. Gwen and Max are getting water while the other contestants spin around which makes it extremely difficult. Dave and Izzy also have a big role as they must put what's left of the water into a container, making them the finshing bucket. It becomes very close with Izzy drinking all the water and Samey droping all of it. Although the Crushers get back into the game Team Friendship manages to barely pick up a win. It's ceremony time and the Crushers are left no choice but to send Scarlett home. This left B all alone and at the bottom of his team.


  • This episode features the most onscreen alliances in the rp's history with 3
  • As of this episode only B fails to be in an allainice.
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