This is the fourth episode of Total Drama Underdogs, That Aired on the 16th of February 2014  and the first reward challenge.  

What Sadie wants Sadie Gets
Season 7, Episode 4
Date 16th February 2014
Challenge(s) Make a Film
Reward(s) Rodney is switched to Team Retro
Winner(s) Team Retro
Exile Sky
Episode Guide
"Valentine's Day Puzzle"
"The Demo Derby Taxis"

Team RetroEdit

Owen became a team leader and thought of a film. Jo is a underdog boxer, Sam is a jerk, Zoey is a receptions" Sierra the lighting and Sky did the music and fireworks. Jo started out in a dramatic screen where she Crys to her mother that she doesn't want to be jersey girl, but instead a boxer, her mom tells her that only guy can boxes. She plans to prove her wrong. She signs up for a local WWE training fight, Zoey chews gun and directs her to Owen the boss, he fits her angist the heavy weight champion. She laters moves in to defeats relase ing fireworks. This inspiring both Zoey and Owen. Dj does nothing They won buy a long side.

Team Golden ChampsEdit

They did a play with Sadie as the lead, Trent is a newly single name, and saves Sadie from being ran over and takes her out to dinner. Jasmine and Jats is Trent's best friends who is a guy and thinks Sadie is hot. They all go back to the house where Blaineley is Trent's ex and hates Sadie since she is so much prettied then her. They fight and Trent wants Ethire. Jatz and Sadie kiss. Topher did lighting. They lost this challenge. Sadie wanted Rodney, she almost got her wish but instead she switched teams and Sadie started hating Jasmine.


  • DJ has no lines.
  • Flappybirds is Methiod.
  • This marks the first time this season Sadie is evil.
  • This marks the seconed season in a row Rodney is voted off in the fourth episodes.
    • This time it was just a reward challenge.
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