This is the Winner's page. Here you can find the winner's, runner-up's, and thrid placers from all the seasons of Our TDR Wiki's canon.

Total Drama IslandEdit

Character User Rank Team
Alejandro Ultra98 Winner Killer Bass
Gwen Gwen72 Runner Up Killer Bass
Cody GODuncan Third Place Screaming Gophers

Total Drama ActionEdit

Character User Rank Team
Harold DegrassiFTW27 Winner Screaming Gaffers
Courtney Alexhouse721 Runner Up Screaming Gaffers
Duncan Duncan05 Third Place Killer Grips

Total Drama World TourEdit

Character User Rank Team
Leshawna Rj3ful1 Winner Team Perfection
Heather OMGitsGARRET Runner Up Team Unbeatable Warriors
Alejandro Ultra98 Third Place Team Perfection

Total Drama: Revenge of the IslandEdit

Character User Rank Team
Anne Maria Rj3ful1 Winner Toxic Rats
Brick GODuncan Runner Up Toxic Rats
Scott DegrassiFTW27 Third Place Toxic Rats

Total Drama: All-StarsEdit

Character User Rank Team
Courtney Alexhouse721 Winner Villainous Vultures
Dakota Heatherxcodyfan Runner-up Heroic Hamsters
Bridgette BatmanTDI Third Place Heroic Hamsters

Total Drama Pahkitew IslandEdit

Character User Rank Team
Samey OMGitsGARRET Winner Team Kinosewak
Shawn Heonzo100x Runner-up Team Maskwak
Sugar Drfizwuz997xlol Third Place Team Kinosewak

Total Drama UnderdogsEdit

Character User Rank Team
Zoey Rockerboyalien4 Winner Team Retro
Jo Drfizwuz997xlol Runner Up Team Retro
Owen DegrassiFTW27 Third Place Team Retro

Total Drama RedemptionEdit

Character User Rank Team
Gwen Drfizwuz997xlol Winner Team Friendship
Katie BatmanTDI Runner Up Team Friendship
Duncan Rj3ful1 Third Place Team Friendship

Total Drama SuperStarsEdit

Character User Rank Team
Scarlett GODuncan Winner Team Jo
Dave Rocker B.A Runner Up Team Scott
Beardo Rocky LXIX Third Place Team Jo



  • There has currently only been one final three to have all contestants of the same gender, which is Total Drama All-Stars
    • However, there has been four seasons with the final two the same gender which are Total Drama All-Stars and Total Drama World Tour
      • All four final two's have been two females.
  • Alejandro, Courtney, Gwen, and Duncan are tied for the most amount of times in the final three, which they all did twice, and Courtney and Gwen are tied is with the most times in the final two, which they did twice.