Mutant Maggots

Toxic Rats

Team Retro

Radioactive Leeches

Team Jo

Gender Female
Hair color Red Velvet
Eye color Aurburn
Episodes Competed 24
Eliminated TDRI:Mu-Cant Keep A Man Down!


TDSS: Hang in There

Place TDRI: 12th

TDU: 1st

TDSS: 17th

Friends Jo, Sky, DJ, Jasmine, Mike
Enemies Anne Maria, Sam, Owen, Dakota, Trent
Played By Rockerboyalien4
Zoey, labeled The Indie Chick will be a contestant on Total Drama Revenge of the Island.

"The Race For First Place!"Edit

When arriving on the island, Zoey was friendly to everyone. But some people (Jo and Staci) remarked she had a rather bland personality. She also stubbed her toe, which almost cost her team the win.

"Mu-Cant Keep A Man Down!"Edit

She showed a complete tranformation as she was Rude and very selfish but her team thought she was too annoying to keep longer and she was voted out.